California State University-East Bay Assistant Professorship in History

Deadline: September 15

Length: Tenure track

Comments: Specialty: “History of Migration in the Americas from 1492 to the independence movements in the Americas.” “A successful candidate will be able to teach upper division courses in the histories of enslaved people in this area up through the early 19th century.”


Whitman College Assistant Professorship in Politics

Deadline: August 15

Length: Tenure track

Comments: “Candidates might offer courses such as international law; international politics; decolonization; human rights; theories of empire; comparative constitutionalism; indigenous politics; and/or area-specific courses on Asia, Africa, or Latin America.”


St. Olaf College Assistant Professorship in Religion in the Americas

Deadline: October 1 (review begins)

Length: Tenure track

Comments: Seeking candidates whose work emphasizes “issues of race, ethnicity, and culture with particular but not exclusive attention to the experiences of African-American, and/or Latinx, and/or Indigenous communities.


University of Wisconsin Assistant Professorship in American Indian Studies

Deadline: September 13

Length: Tenure track (begins 2020)

Comments: “We welcome candidates whose work focuses on North American Indian history, preferably but not necessarily in the Great Lakes region, and expect them to be conversant in archival methods, have links to indigenous communities that situate the candidate’s historical investigations in contemporary contexts, and have an interest in or demonstrated commitment to an ethno-historical approach.”


Texas Christian University Associate Directorship in Comparative Race and Ethnic Studies

Deadline: June 10

Length: Unstated (non-tenure track)

Comments: “The Associate Director of Comparative Race & Ethnic Studies supports the department of Comparative Race & Ethnic Studies (CRES), which seeks to educate students, faculty, staff, and the larger community to critically examine race and ethnicity as an essential step in becoming ethical citizens and leaders in today’s global community.” Will teach one class per semester (“typically the CRES internship and field research class”). Must have MA in Ethnic Studies or related field.


Montclair University Assistant Professorship in History

Deadline: Unstated (posted 4/30)

Length: Apparently tenure-track

Comments: Incumbent will be “responsible for teaching the first half of the United States history survey course (pre-contact to 1876) and specialized courses on Native American history.”